• Om shanti! I have been associated with Brahma Kumaris since last eight years. Since that time till now I am enjoying each and every moment of my life. I have become a positive person. No more negative thoughts. I have found my true companion Shiv Baba, who guides me at each and every step of my life.

    Shashi Sharma, Businesswoman

    Panchsheel Enclave

  • Brahma Kumaris is the best thing that has happened to me. Practise of Rajyoga has increased my self respect,concentration and brought bliss and happiness in my life.

    Bhawana Begani, Businesswoman (41 Yrs)

    New Friends Colony

  • After coming in gyan, the most wonderful thing that has happened to me is that I have learned to give good wishes and love. Even to those who have been rude . And when you are happy and you think good for everyone, happiness and goodness gets multiplied and it comes back. I am blessed to be a part of the BK family.

    Pooja Kapoor, Teacher (38 Yrs)

    E Block, Masjid Moth, GK-3

  • I have become more calm, healthy, agile, disciplined, cheerful, contented, learnt how to tackle problems easily after joining rajyoga meditation.

    Uma Bedi, Housewife (55 Yrs)

    E-Block, Masjid Moth, GK-3

  • After joining the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University life is different. With daily practice of meditation and delving into the deep knowledge that is taught, I am enjoying a heightened state of awareness, peace, joy and harmony in all aspects of life. Feel grateful to be one of the teachers at the GK2 Center which enables me to share with others the knowledge I have received, which helps better the lives of so many. Om shanti.

    Pialee Mukherjee, Freelance Editor (50 Yrs)

    Nilgiri Apartment, Alaknanda

  • It has been 3+ yrs since I have become a BK. There has been lot of positive change in me. Now I do not get mentally disturbed in adverse situation too. I have become much calmer, understanding & patient listener. My family members & friends are happy seeing this change in me. Also have become focused & efficient at work thus doing more work with a big smile. Wish to sincerely Thank Baba for bringing this beautiful change in me.

    Seema, Senior Merchandiser (45 Yrs)

    Nilgiri Apartment, Alaknanda

  • Brahma Kumaris GK2 centre has given purpose to my life, not only have I developed a daily routine of attending the Murli classes, I now meditate every morning which has taught me so much about my self, helped me concentrate more and become more meaningful and mindful.

    Sapna Singh, Profession-Service (39 Yrs)


  • lt is a sense of well-being, peace and happiness since joining BK 3 years ago.

    Manoranjan Grover, Retired from Linde Engineering (63 Yrs)

    Sheikh Sarai

  • I am into Gyan since March 2013. I have experienced many magical changes in myself.The most important I have started staying in present and let go of past and don’t have expectations of the future.My mantra: Stay Positive and have pure thoughts.

    Shivani Gupta, Cost Architect at Accenture (27 Yrs)

    H-Block, Masjid Moth, GK-3

  • Brahma Kumaris sub-centre in GK-2 has given PURPOSE to my life. Here we realize that we are souls, hence actual connection with the Supreme Soul becomes possible, from whom we get knowledge and power. Being contented and stable, the emergence and flow of love, peace and happiness becomes constant. Soul-consciousness leads to permanent, actual, eternal DIVINE BLISS.

    Ajay Gupta, CA (55 Yrs)

    Masjid Moth, GK-3

  • I have experienced inner happiness, unconditional love and an self-empowering power after attending sessions at the BK GK2 centre. I am happy and grateful to be associated with the BK family as it has increased harmony, peace and joy in relationships and personally made me a very calm, composed and positive person.

    Ansh Gupta, Consultant at Deloitte (27 Yrs)

    H-Block, Masjid Moth, GK-3

  • I learnt the significance of purity, peace, and internal happiness after I joined BK GK2 centre. The idea of treating yourself and others as a powerful soul really touched me. Humbleness and love from the sisters especially “Sangeeta Didi” Â and “Sadhna Didi” is just impecabble.

    Tusshar Gupta, Digital Marketeer (24 Yrs)

    E-Block, GK2

  • After regular classes in Gk 2 center, my hurts, expectations, complaining, comparison, criticism have gone from my life. Now I feel that everyone is unique. Always we should give peace, pure, positive, powerful energy and love ene to all.

    Sunita Gupta, Homemaker (49 Yrs)

    Masjid Moth, GK-3

  • From last three and a half yrs, I have been attending Brahma Kumaris classes. Lot of change has happened slowly. Stopped reacting to many situations. Thanks to Baba and Sis. Sangeeta.

    Karuna rai, Retired teacher of Mothers International School (69 Yrs)

    H Block, Masjid Moth, GK-3

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